La Grande Recrue de 1653

In 1651, the need to defend the newly created town of Montreal (Ville-Marie) from the attacking Iroquois became apparent. M. Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve went to France to enlist one hundred men to protect the perimeter of the town and, two years later, he returned with these brave men.

The men came from Picardie, Champagne, Ile-de-France, Normandie, Anjou and Maine (especially LaFleche) area. In the spring of 1653, approximately 150 men signed contracts before notaries with the Company of Montreal. For various reasons, less than 105 arrived in Ville-Marie. The original departure from Nantes (Loire-Atlantique Department, Pays-de-la-Loire Region) was scheduled for the spring of 1653 but, after multiple delays, the vessel 'Saint-Nicolas-de-Nantes' set sail for New France on June 20th under the command of Captain Pierre le Besson.

The 'Saint-Nicolas-de-Nantes' was apparently in very poor shape and constantly took on water. Despite the best efforts of the crew and enlistees, it became necessary to sail back to Nantes after 350 miles at sea. Interestly, Mr. de Maisonneuve, realizing that many of the enlistees might desire to stay in France after their recent 'adventure', put his soldiers on an island from which they could not escape! On July 20th, the replacement ship set sail for the New World.

On September 22, 1653, the ship landed at Quebec after 64 days aboard ship. When they arrived, Governor de Lauzon refused to let them have the necessary boats to complete their journey to Ville-Marie as they were sorely needed to defend Quebec. The group finally arrived at Ville-Marie on November 16th.

For more info, see "Saving Montréal: La grande recrue de 1653"

"La Grande Recrue"

Below are the enlistees.

BLUBAL" Pierre Anselin BLUBAL" Jacques Andru BLUBAL" Jean Auger dit Le Baron BLUBAL" Maurice Averty dit Léger BLUBAL" François Avisse BLUBAL" Jacques Balue BLUBAL" Valerie de Barbousson BLUBAL" Bardet BLUBAL" Pierre Bareau dit Lagogue BLUBAL" Yves Bastard BLUBAL" Urbain Baudreau dit Graveline BLUBAL" Antoine Baudry dit L'Épinette BLUBAL" Beaudoin BLUBAL" Pierre Beauvais BLUBAL" René Bellenger BLUBAL" Charles Jean Beliot BLUBAL" Paul Benoit dit Nivernois BLUBAL" René Besnard dit Bourjoli BLUBAL" Gilles Biards BLUBAL" Louis Biteau dit St. Laurent BLUBAL" François Blanchard dit Belleville BLUBAL" Jacques Boivin dit Panse BLUBAL" René Bondu BLUBAL" René Bondy BLUBAL" Jean Bonneau BLUBAL" Étienne Bouchard BLUBAL" Augustin Boullay BLUBAL" Jacques Boutelou BLUBAL" Michel Bouvier BLUBAL" Pierre Bouze BLUBAL" Jacques Brassier BLUBAL" Urbain Brossard BLUBAL" René Cadet BLUBAL" Jean Cadieu BLUBAL" Guillaume Chartier dit Robert BLUBAL" Louis Chartier BLUBAL" Jean Chaudronnier BLUBAL" Pierre Chauvin dit le Grand Pierre BLUBAL" Jean Chesneau BLUBAL" Louis Chevalier BLUBAL" Antoine Chevasset BLUBAL" Nicolas Cornier BLUBAL" René Coubart BLUBAL" Mathurin Coudret BLUBAL" François Coudreux BLUBAL" François Crusson dit Pilote BLUBAL" Honoré Danny (Danis) dit Tourangeau BLUBAL" Pierre Darondeau BLUBAL" Julien Daubigeon BLUBAL" Jean Davoust BLUBAL" Jean Deniau BLUBAL" Marin Deniau dit Destaillis BLUBAL" Pierre Desautels dit Lapointe BLUBAL" Zacharie Desorson BLUBAL" Simon Despres dit Berri BLUBAL" Jessé Dessommes BLUBAL" Louis Doguet (Danguet) BLUBAL" Jehan Dolbeau BLUBAL" René Doussin BLUBAL" Fiacre Ducharme dit Lafontaine BLUBAL" Nicolas Duval BLUBAL" Jacques Fleury BLUBAL" Louis Fontaine dit le petit Louis BLUBAL" Étienne Foucault BLUBAL" François Foucault BLUBAL" Jean Fresnot BLUBAL" Gilles Fricquet BLUBAL" Pierre Frogeau BLUBAL" Jean Fruitier BLUBAL" Christophe Gaillard dit le Prieur BLUBAL" Simon Galbrun (Galbout) BLUBAL" François Gallois BLUBAL" Jean Gasteau BLUBAL" Guillaume Gendron dit la Rolandiere BLUBAL" Jehan Gervaise BLUBAL" Noel Gillet (Gilles) BLUBAL" Pierre Godin dit Chatillon BLUBAL" Louis Gregoire BLUBAL" Louis Guertin dit le Sabotier BLUBAL" Pierre Guesery (Guesary, Dezery) BLUBAL" Jean Guyet (Guyot) BLUBAL" Pierre Hardy BLUBAL" François Herisse BLUBAL" René Houray dit Grandmont BLUBAL" Hubay BLUBAL" François Hudin BLUBAL" Toussaint Hunault dit Deschamps BLUBAL" Andre Hurtebise BLUBAL" Marin Hurtebise BLUBAL" Marin Jannot dit LaChapelle BLUBAL" Urbain Jetté BLUBAL" Mathurin Jouanneau (does not appear to be Mathurin Jouineau) BLUBAL" Nicolas Jousselin BLUBAL" Mathurin Jousset dit Laloire BLUBAL" Étienne Lairt (Lert) BLUBAL" Mathurin Langevin dit LaCroix BLUBAL" Louis La Soudraye BLUBAL" Gilles Lauzon BLUBAL" Jean Lecomte BLUBAL" Michel Lecomte BLUBAL" Pierre Lefebvre dit LaPierre BLUBAL" Jean LeMercher dit LaRoche BLUBAL" Joachim LePallier BLUBAL" Simon LeRoy BLUBAL" Michel Louvard dit DesJardins BLUBAL" Olivier Martin dit Lamontagne BLUBAL" Pierre Martin dit LaRiviere BLUBAL" Nicolas Millet dit Le Beauceron BLUBAL"Jacques Millot (or Milhaut) BLUBAL" Guy Motain (or Motais) BLUBAL" Pierre Moulieres BLUBAL" Jacques Mousseau dit LaViolet BLUBAL" Jacques Nail BLUBAL" François Nocher BLUBAL" Jean Olivier dit Le Petit Breton BLUBAL" Pierre Papin BLUBAL" Hugues Picard dit LaFortune BLUBAL" Jean Pichard BLUBAL" François Piron dit LaVallee BLUBAL" Pierre Piron BLUBAL" Jean Prestrot dit LaViolette BLUBAL" Pierre Raguideau dit St. Germain BLUBAL" Bertrand Rennes dit Pachane BLUBAL" Étienne Robin dit DesForges BLUBAL" Claude Robutel de St. Andre BLUBAL" René Rodailler BLUBAL" Christophe Roger BLUBAL" François Roinay BLUBAL" Jean Tavernier dit LaForet BLUBAL" Michel Theodore dit Gilles BLUBAL" Sylvestre Vacher dit St. Julien BLUBAL" Jean Vallets (or Vallays) BLUBAL" Jean Valiquet dit LaVerdure

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