Eleventh Generation

1410. Nicolas MONFORT was born in 1665.1868 Renée SAMZUN and Nicolas MONFORT were married on 7 June 1676 in Port-Louis (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1,1692

1411. Renée SAMZUN was born on 6 November 1665.1868

CAUTION: It is widely accepted that Jeanne Monfort is the d/o Nicolas and Renee. Although I have a copy of the 1693 baptism of a Jeanne Monfort showing that her parents were Nicolas Monfort and Renee Samzun, I have seen nothing to prove that the Jeanne who married Francois Guillory was actually the d/o Nicolas. The marriage record of Francois Guillory and Jeanne Monfort has not been found and, therefore, this parentage cannot be proven 100%. Therefore, please show this as a speculative link.

Children were:


Anne MONFORT was born about 1682. She was baptized on 10 September 1682 in Le Palais (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1


Marie MONTFORT was born about June 1689. She was baptized on 12 June 1689 in Le Palais (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1





Noel Nicolas MONFORT was born about January 1691. He was baptized on 18 January 1691 in Le Palais (Morbihan) (Bretagne Region), France.1