Tenth Generation

904. Jean Baptiste SOILEAU was supposedly a native of the Parish of Clavy. He died about 23 August 1707 in (Ardennes), France. He was buried on 23 August 1707 in Mézières (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1,1692 Jean was a Master serge weaver. Élisabeth PELLERIN and Jean Baptiste SOILEAU1693 were married on 21 February 1700 in Mézières (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1,1692

905. Élisabeth PELLERIN was baptized on 24 September 1680 in Mézières (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1,1692 She died about 25 December 1729 at the age of 49. Élisabeth was buried on 25 December 1729 in Mézières (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1,1692

[Note: Élisabeth's 2nd marriage was to Dominique Claude Derson Duplessis on 13 June 1714 at Mézières.]

Children were:





Ponce SOILEAU was born about 1702. He was baptized on 31 July 1702 in Mézières (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1 He was buried on 26 August 1703 in Mézières (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1 Ponce died about 26 August 1703 at the age of 1.


Jeanne-Marie SOILEAU was born about 1704. She was baptized on 19 April 1704 in Mézières (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1


Ponce SOILEAU was born about 1706. He was baptized on 9 August 1706 in Mézières (Ardennes) (Champagne-Ardenne Region), France.1