Twelfth Generation

2294. Gabriel VALLEAU (VALEAU) died before 3 January 1728.

2295. Marianne/Marie/Jeanne MERRY (MORIN) the widow of Gabriel Valleau, signed a contract with the Compagnie des Indes on 3 January 1728 expressing the desire to emigrate with her young daughter, Marie Anne Valleau, aged about six years, to Louisiana, in which the Compagnie des Indes agreed to finance her passage and her future prospects. 1,3108She appears to have died before 1738 because she was not present when her daughter signed her marriage contract on that date.

[Note: Marianne/Marie/Jeanne MERRY (MORIN) signed a marriage contract with Claude Chaibon on 7 September 1728 although there is no indication that they married.1,3109]

Children were:



Marie Anne VALLEAU.