Thirteenth Generation

4574. Jean Étienne PREAU (PRAUX) was born in 1658. He was listed as 27 years of age on his 1685 marriage record.1692,2080 He died between 13 June 1706 and 1 August 1706 at the age of 48 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.2370 He came to the New World via/on the "Aigle" sailed from Rochefort. Per Higginbotham's book "Old Mobile", ..."Preau had attempted to immigrate to Louisiana previously but was turned down because both Bienville and Iberville felt that his five young daughters (of which only Elisabeth and Marguerite were near maturity) were too much of a liability. In the three years since his first application was turned down, however, two of his other daughters, Jeanne and Marie, had reach marriagable ages. Moreover, the colony was still in need of skilled craftsmen. He was finally allowed to take passage with his wife, Anne Prevost, whom he married in Saint-Jean d'Angely in 1685, his four daughters (the fifth had died) and his brother, Antoine. Soon after his arrival on the Aigle, however, Jean Preau had died, leaving his forty-three-year-old widow to care for the daughters, one of whom, Marie, shortly thereafter was married to Vincent Alexandre."2370 Anne PERROT and Jean Étienne PREAU (PRAUX)2080 were married on 16 July 1685 in Saint-Jean-d'Angély (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France.1,1692

4575. Anne PERROT was born in 1663 in Saintes (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France. She was listed as age 22 in her 1685 marriage record.2080 Anne became a widow within weeks of arriving in Mobile with her husband and four children. She was ennumerated on the 1706 Louisiana census as a widow. Due to their early arrival in Mobile, this family is considered to be one of the founding families of Mobile. In the 1726 Mobile census, she was living with her 2nd husband, Jean Bon. There were no longer any children in the household. Anne was buried on 26 August 1739 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.2371

[Note: Anne's 2nd marriage was to Jean Bon about 1709 and likely took place in Mobile.]

Children were:


Elizabeth PREAU (PRAUX) was born about July 1686. She was baptized on 31 July 1686 in Saint-Jean-d'Angély (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France.1


Marguerite PRAUX (PREAU, PROT) was born about September 1687. She was baptized on 18 September 1687 in Saint-Jean-d'Angély (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France.1 She was buried on 24 January 1749 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.2372 Marguerite died on 24 January 1749 at the age of 61 in Mobile (Mobile County), Alabama, USA.2372


Jean PREAU (PRAUX) was born on 22 March 1689. He was baptized on 27 March 1689 in Saint-Jean-d'Angély (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France.1


Pierre PREAU (PRAUX) was born on 25 July 1692. He was baptized on 28 July 1692 in Saint-Jean-d'Angély (Charente-Maritime) (Poitou Charentes Region), France.1


Jeanne PRAUX (PREAU, PROT) died in 1773 in New Orleans (Orleans Parish), Louisiana, USA.


Anne Marie PRAUX (PREAU, PROU, PROT) was born (date unknown).