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(Called “Expositeur” in French)


 June 17, 1843 p. 2


   The mail to-day brought us the Vicksburg Sentinel, shrouded the mourning, for the loss of its Editor, DR. JAMES HAGAN, who was killed in a rencontre, on the 7th instant, with D. W. Adams, son of George Adams, formerly Judge of the Federal court, in Mississippi. The announcement of the death of this Ajax of Democracy—this Apostle of Liberty, has struck us with the force of a thunder-bolt. The instantaneous demise of a hundred of Louisiana’s noblest spirit, would not have filled our bosom with grief more profound than the intelligence of the death of this fearless champion of Human Rights. We are too much oppressed with painful thought to say more. We copy from the Sentinel the article that brought about the lamentable affair, which was the last but three, the Doctor penned—also the Sentinel’s account of the dastardly assassination:



It becomes our painful duty to announce the cold blooded assassination of the proprietor of this journal, yesterday afternoon at 3 o’clock p.m., at the hands of D. W. Adams, son of Judge George Adams, of Jackson. Dr. Hagan as was his wont, was returning from his boarding house to this office after dinner, when the individual named above, walked up behind him and struck Dr. Hagan over the head with a cane; a scuffle ensued, which brought both parties to the ground, Dr. Hagan, being on top. While in this position, Adams pulled out a short barreled pistol, bringing the muzzle round to the back of the neck of the deceased. The ball struck the spine and passed up into the posterior part of the head, causing instant death.

Dr. Hagan was unarmed, and no one near to render him any assistance. The corpse was carried to the residence of James B. Hayes, where an inquest was held on the body.


   “Adams after an examination before the magistrate, was admitted to bail in the sum of six thousand dollars, and securities for the same amount. Overwhelmed with grief and consternation at this most diabolical deed, we can only present the above facts in relation to this melancholy event. A more particular account will be furnished in a few days. The funeral of Dr. Hagan will take place this day at 4 o’clock p.m. A funeral address will be delivered at the grave by the Rev. Mr. Wood.”






Died—In Jackson, Miss. On the 7th instant, Mr. James Ducan. Printer, a native of Pennsylvania, aged 36—a warmhearted, generous, honest man.


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