MARKSVILLE BULLETIN NEWSPAPER  Jan. 4, 1879----July 9, 1887 Marriages

(Transcribed by Ellen Dauzat)



LafargueMessick---At the residence of Mr. S. B. Robertson, in Marksville, on the evening of the 23rd inst., by Judge Wm. Hall, Mr. A. D. Lafargue  to Mrs. Florence Messick, both of this parish. No cards.

   To the loving couple we extend our warmest congratulations and wish them endless years of prosperity and happiness. The warmth of this wish is only heightened by the closeness of the ties which binds us to the happy couple.


Feb. 8, 1879 p. 3


  On last Wednesday Mr. J. Plauchard and Misss Flora Barbin were joined in the bonds of wedlock. We wish them joy and prosperity.


Jan. 24, 1880 p. 3


Married On Tuesday the 15th inst. By Rev. J. E. Chauvin; Mr. Albea Mayeux to Miss Leontine Chatelain, both of this parish.


April 17, 1880 p. 3


Bordeau, April 14, 1880


Dear Bulletin:

     The gay little city of Bordeau was on the 6th inst. The scene of much meritment the occasion being the celebration of the nuptials of our much esteemed young friends J. M. Rabalais Esq. And Miss Amelie Moreau the beautiful and accomplished daughter of our late friend Joseph Moreau.

     The matrimonial ceremony was performed after the imposing ritual of the Catholic Church; the Rev. Father Simon of St. Hyacinthes Church (Moreauville) officiating on the occasion. The ceremony being performed, the large concourse of invited friends and guests adjourned from Moreauville to the hospitable home of our old friend E. P. Rabalais where the young and gay kept up to the tune of good music much merriment and gaiety until the “wee sma” hours of the night; when all adjourned to their respective homes much contented and pleased. May good luck and much fortune attend our young friends on the matrimonial journey on which they are embarked.




Dec. 18, 1880 p.2


   Mr. Adelma Gremillion was last Tuesday married to Miss. L. DeBellevue. Two young hearts are this made happy and may breakers never their pathway obstruct.


Dec. 18, 1880 p. 3


    Last Tuesday Dr. Leon Moncla was married to Miss Josephine Forest at the Mansura Catholic Church. They have our wish for a life of perpetual bliss.


Married—In Clouterville, on the 9th inst., at St. John’s Church by the Rev. J. M. Beaulien, Mr. W. B. Norris to Miss Alice Rachal, both of Natchitoches parish.

With the above announcement, and with the  usual compliments, came the printer’s fee. We invoke the choicest blessings of Heaven upon this union of hearts and we trust it will be of uninterrupted happiness and prosperity. Our congratulations are tendered the groom of his choice for

Alice his house enters, there to be a Light.

Shining within, when all; without is night,

A guardian Angel o’er his life presiding.

Doubling his Pleasure, and his cares dividing!


Jan. 22, 1881 p. 4


Married—On the 12th inst. At the bride’s residence in Cloutierville, La., by Rev. Father Beaulieu, Miss Anna Bertrand to Mr. Thomas Norris, both of Natchitoches parish.

The Bulletin’s warmest thanks are tendered the newly wedded couple for their kind remembrance. May they receive a full share of the blessings which wedded life is entitled to , and never regret the step they have taken to tread together “life’s thorny labyrinths.” Our best wishes attend them in the sphere of usefulness in which they gave so auspiciously eutered.



Feb. 26, 1881 p. 3




Brouillette--- Couvillion

At  St. Joseph’s Church on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 1881, by Rev. Father Simon, Mr. E. G. Brouillette to Miss Emma Couvillion, both of this parish.



At St.Joseph’s  Church on Wednesday, Feb. 23, 1881, by Rev. Father Simon, Dr. L. C. Tarleton, formerly of St. Mary parish to Miss Henrietta Couvillion of this town.

St. Landry, Iberia and St. Mary papers please copy.



At St. Joseph’s Wednesday, Feb. 23, 1881, by Rev. Father Simon, Mr. P. D. Roy of Mansura to Miss Henrietta C. Goudeau of this town.


April 23, 1881 p. 3


Married—At St. Joseph’s Church by Rev. Father Simon, the 18th inst., Mr. Alfred Bernes to Miss Octavie Barbin, both of this town.


Married—At St. Joseph’s Church by  Rev. P. E. Simon, Mr. A. J. Normand to Miss L. B. De Bellevue, both of this parish.


April 30, 1881 p. 3




ShepperdBarbin—At St. Joseph’s Church on Saturday, the 23rd inst., by Rev. Father Simon, Mr. Frank Shepperd to Miss Sarah L. Barbin.


June 25, 1881 p. 3


Married RabalaisCouvillion—At St. Joseph’s Church, Marksville, by the Rev. Father J. C. Chauvin on Wed. the 15th inst., Mr. Shelby Rabalais to Miss Anglea Couvillion, both of this parish.

Our young friends have our best wishes for a life of unclouded happiness. We trust they fully realize the solemn obligation they have taken and that true Christian principles and love will ever actuate them in  their struggle through life. May prosperity and joy ever crown them.


Nov. 12, 1881 p. 3


Married—At the Mansura Catholic Church, on Monday, the 7th inst. , by Rev. J. E. Chauvin, Mr. Landry Ducote, of this parish, to Miss Corinne Cochrane, of Natchez, Miss.


 Feb. 18, 1882 p. 3


Last Sunday evening a nuptial ceremony was performed in St. Paul’s Catholic Church, of Mansura by the Rev. Father Chauvin. The parties were Mr. Bennett B. Joffrion, son of Hon. Eloi Joffrion of Mansura and Miss Marie Gauthier, of Bayou des Glaises, this parish. Immediately after the happy event which made them one was over, and after receiving the congratulations of relatives and friends, the couple left for the Red River where they embarked on the Jesse K. Bell, on a bridal tour, going up the river then returning down to New Orleans where they will assist at the Mardi Gras festivities. The happy couple have our best wishes for a life of happiness and prosperity.


May 6, 1882 p. 3


Married—At the bride’s father in Marksville, Judge Jno. L. Laresche, of New Orleans, to Miss Bertha Frank, of Marksville.


July 15, 1882


Married—At the residence of the bride’s father in Marksville on the 13th inst., Mr. V. F. Goudeau to Miss Clara B. Goudeau.


July 22, 1882 p. 4


Married—On Tuesday, July 18th 1882, at the bride’s father in  this town. Mr. Daniel Berlin to Miss Cora Chase.


Sept. 9, 1882 p. 2


We are pleased to note the marriage of Mr. George H. Irion to Miss Jenny Campbell, both of Evergreen, La, which happy event took place in New Orleans last week. Miss Campbell is an  accomplished lady and we congratulate the groom upon the choice of the companion who will preside over his household, “Until Death us do part”. May time but help to bind closer and closer the links which unite their hearts and lives and hopes and many happiness and prosperity forever bless their home.



Sept. 16, 1882 p. 4


Married—Heard-Ewell—At the residence of the bride’s father, near Evergreen, La., on the 13th inst., by Rev. H. Bennette, Mr. R. J. Heard to Miss Penelope Ewell, both of this parish



Love’s fond hopes have been realized, and the union of hearts and hands took place mid the kind wishes and hearty congratulations of friends and relatives. The happy couple enters life’s checkered pathway under brilliant suspices and the Bulletin express the hope that the roseate hues which now gild their new home may never fade away but ever cast a halo of joy, prosperity and happiness ? their lives. We extend our hearty congratulations ever ? by event.



Oct. 7, 1882 p. 3


Married—At the residence of Mrs. Jno. V. Rabalais on Bayou de Glaises, on  the  4th inst., by Rev. Father Simon:  Wm. H. Nelson Esq. To Mrs. Joseph Gaspard nee Maria Rablais.


The ceremony was performed after the imposing ritual of the Catholic Church. The bride on this solemn occasion, in her elegant yet modest attire seemed the very picture of beauty and of loveliness and the groom (as he truly is) all that was manly and noble. A knowledge of the parties to this the second grandest event of their lives assures us that:

“The good by them begun , will onward go  And in many a branching stream will wider flow.”


We congratulate them equally on the wisdom of their choice and rejoice that circumstances have blended two such hearts into one. May the live long and prosper is the wish of the Bulletin.


March 17, 1883 p. 3


Married—At St.Joseph’s Church, in  this town, by Rev. O. Bre, on Thursday, March 15th  1883, Mr. Wm. F. Robert to Miss Elisca M. Gremillion.


May life be happy and prosperous with them. The Bulletin wishes them every success in the sphere of usefulness and responsibility in which they have just now entered.



May 19, 1883 p. 3


Married—at the Church of the Sacred Heart, in Moreauville, on  the 8th, inst., by the Rev. Father Simon, Mr. A. B. Couvillion, of this parish to Miss Augusta E. Manache, of New Orleans.

N.O. Times-Democrat, and Picayune, please copy.


Happy they, the happiest of the kind,

Whom gentle stars unite and in one fate

Their hearts, their fortunes, and their beings blend.


May their happiness increase as the years roll by, proving true the poet’s saying:

To love, to bliss, their blended souls were given,

And each, too happy, asked no brighter heaven.






Feb. 2, 1884 p. 3


Married—At the brides’ father, Mr. St. James Bordelon, by Judge A. Barbin, on the 31st. ult., Mr. Fabien Bordelon to Mrs. Eliska McLaughlin.


Our friend Fabien and his bride have The Bulletin’s best wishes.


We hope that the blessings of peace, happiness and prosperity will never be denied them, but that they will enjoy a long, prosperous and useful life. Congratulations, all around, on the happy event.


Oct. 23, 1884 p. 2


Wedding—This evening, at St. Peter’s Catholic Church , in  New Iberia, will be celebrated the marriage ceremony of Mr. C. R. Couvillion, formerly of Avoyelles parish, but a resident of Iberia for nearly three years, and Miss Corrine C. Segura, daughter of Mr. Adolph Segura, of this parish. Our best wishes accompany the estimable young couple on their new journey through life, and hand in hand may they bravely conquer the storms of adversity, if any there be to mar their path of happiness.


April 18, 1885 p. 3


In our last issue we omitted to chronicle the nuptial of Miss Louise Porterie to Mr. Hypolitte Laborde, which took place at St. Joseph Church, Marksville, on last Tuesday the 7the inst. By Rev. O. Bre. We extend our congratulations to the happy couple and wish them a life of happiness and prosperity. May the good example set by them in this community be followed by many others. This is the season, gentle spring time, when souls and hearts should be mated.





Oct. 10, 1885 p. 4


Married—At Choupique on Oct. 6, 1885, by Rev. Father Galop, Mr. J.P. W. S. Aymond to Miss Aurelinne Jeansonne, both of this parish.


We extend to the happy couple the Bulletin’s best wishes for a long life of happiness and prosperity. The groom is a friend of the writer and we trust that he in his new sphere he shall meet the ? which is due to the truly deserving. Good luck to you.


Jan. 30, 1886 p. 1


Married—At St. Joseph’s Church by Rev. Father Chorin on Thursday 28th inst., Mr. Espire Ducote to Miss Pauline Moncla, both of this parish.


At St. Joseph’s Church, by Rev. Father Chorin, on  the 28th inst., Mr. J. W. Spencer to Miss Eugenie Claverie, both of this town.


Dec. 1886 p. 3


Dec. 18, 1886 p. 3


Married—at St. Joseph’s Church, Marksville, La., by Rev. A chorin, on Tuesday the 14th inst. Mr. Abel Broussard to  Miss Clara Joffrion.


The bride is the daughter of Mr. L. A. Joffrion, Sheriff of this parish, and the groom is an energetic and promising young gentlemen of Choupique, this parish. We extend to the couple the usual congratulations, hoping their lives well be long, happy and prosperous.